The Frog Wizard looking on with a Hopper and Snail

What is the
Happy Hoppers Club NFT?

Usually found just jumping from lily pad to lily pad, the frogs that now make up the Happy Hoppers club lived in relative peace in their homes around Lake Cardano.

One day, they noticed a large machine pulling up to the edge of their lake, a big bulldozer. As the bulldozer pushed its way across the landscape, it was clear to the frogs that their home was potentially in danger.

In order to protect the home that they have always loved, they joined together to create the Happy Hoppers Club. Happy Hoppers defend nature and keep it beautiful and peaceful.

Meet the Team

PFP for oodon, the artist and loremaster for Happy Hoppers Club NFT


Don Chia

Artist & Loremaster

Don was early to the CNFT space. He swiftly became known and loved by all for creating amazing fan art for multiple projects, including Yummi Universe, SushiBytes, Adadolls, ADAracers, and more.

At first hesitant to create his own NFTs, Don has observed them on both Cardano and ETH in order to ensure that if he created an NFT, it would truly stand out.

Recently he has contributed art in collaboration projects with Fahadouken and niftyteddy, and now he finally has an NFT project for his art to call home in Happy Hoppers Club.

PFP for OutOfTheWorld, the coordinator and co-founder of Happy Hoppers Club NFT


Prajwal Jagtap

Lead Coordinator

The young but multi-talented Prajwal started his CNFT journey with just 15 ADA. Making use of Cardano to rise from an extremely low income part of the world, he became an early creator in the space, minting classics such as The Boss, The King, and The Superhero.

He quickly evolved into a highly productive and hard-working project manager, helping organize several projects such as ADAngelos, Hell Hounds NFT, and others. He now coordinates much of the Happy Hoppers Club project. He organizes and schedules events and giveaways, budgets, plans rarity distributions, and more!

Just watch out eating pav around him. He might snatch it right off your plate!

PFP for Jub, the community manager and co-founder of Happy Hoppers Club NFT


Jake Geoghean

New York, US
Community Manager

Jake got into NFTs through Hash Guardians and quickly latched onto The Hoskinsons Discord community. Joining and enjoying many additional CNFT communities, he eventually formed his own in The Jub Hub.

He served as this project’s catalyst and built the Happy Hoppers team. He is usually the person behind the Twitter account and other social media.

Jake has earned his way to the titles of Pastry Chef and Sous Chef. He is man, he is horse, and now he is frogchef.

PFP for Pastaplease, the minter and blockchain developer of Happy Hoppers Club NFT


Jarred Green


Creator of DexoWorlds, pasta aficionado, and well-loved member of the CNFT space, Jarred developed the minting and randomization software used for Happy Hoppers Club. He also developed the custom Discord bot.

In addition to actively developing DexoWorlds, Jarred is a doctoral candidate in astrophysics at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Germany! Yet somehow he also finds the time to help us make some frog magic happen.

PFP for TelFiRE, the designer and web developer of Happy Hoppers Club NFT


Jason Hollister

Utah, US
Web Wizard

Jason found his way to the CNFT space through the Cute & Stabby Naru Card from Yummi Universe in May. He rapidly became known for creating DOGE memes of early CNFT projects, winning a fan art competition run by Brown NFT.

He is the creator of the Wizard Crypt project and its website, and also designed and implemented the website for Horror Punks.

Now he is creating the Happy Hoppers Club website, and talking about himself in the third person.

Happy Hoppers Roadmap

Three different types of Swanky Swimmer tadpole NFTs


Discord-Only Pre-Sale
1,111 Swanky Swimmers Sale
Whitelist Opportunity

Earliest active community members can
secure perks and guaranteed Hoppers

Gen 1

Happy Hoppers Club Pre-Sale
Everyone who reaches level 5 in Discord
can guarantee one Happy Hoppers NFT

Happy Hoppers Club Public Sale
Any remaining Hoppers from the total 11,111
will be openly available to mint

Fun competitions and giveaways
Community activities

Hoppers assemble and form teams
under your leadership!

Happy Hopper frog with a crown and a glass of morning java
Happy Hopper on a Snail Mount!

Gen 2

Hopper Alliance
Details TBA

New Hopper leaders work together to determine
the best way to save Lake Cardano!

Gen 3

The Breaking Point
Details TBA

Your plans will be tested as Happy Hoppers
attempt to defend their homes!

A Happy Hopper Home on Lake Cardano
Undead Swanky Swimmer

Happy Hoppers Club Community

Happy Hoppers Club is a positive and friendly community of people who love good vibes, cute frogs, and Cardano NFTs. Exclusive events will take place in our Discord Community! Grow with us and be a part of the Happy Hoppers Club!

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