A frog shaped building at a lake with lily pads, with cranes looming in the background. The world of the Happy Hoppers Club CNFT.

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What is a Happy Hopper?

Hoppers are frogs once found hopping happily from lily pad to pad in their peaceful home around the blissful Lake Cardano. But danger now looms through the mist. Hulking vehicles with sheening yellow paint advance towards the hoppers’ home, leaving doom in their path.

The peace loving frogs band together in a desperate attempt to protect their hearth and home. They now call themselves the Happy Hoppers Club, and they need your help to save Lake Cardano.

11,111 Happy Hoppers Club frog NFTs are hopping around in Cardano wallets! They are made up of over 130 hand-drawn assets created by the amazing and community-adored artist, oodon.

Mummy Swanky Swimmer

Happy Hoppers Club Community

Happy Hoppers Club is a positive and friendly community of people who love good vibes, cute frogs, and Cardano NFTs. Exclusive events and sale access will take place in our Discord Community! Grow with us and be a part of the Happy Hoppers Club!

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Happy Hoppers Club, an NFT on Cardano

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Hoppers are there?

There are 11,111 Happy Hoppers.

11,000 were sold and minted during our launch. 111 were reserved for promotions, giveaways, and team Hoppers.

How do I get a Happy Hopper?

Happy Hoppers are sold out. Keep an eye out on our website, Twitter, and Discord for news on any potential future mints.

You can still get a Happy Hopper on the secondary market. Our recommended marketplaces can be found at the top of this page.

You can also buy, sell, and trade with people in our Discord.

What wallets can I use?

You can hold a Happy Hopper using any wallet that supports native tokens on Cardano, also known as “Shelley-Era” wallets.

Whenever you make a wallet, be sure to take extreme care to secure your seed. No one can help you recover a lost seed phrase, and if it falls into the wrong hands, your wallet is theirs to command.

Here are all the wallets that the team has used and confirmed working with Cardano tokens.


Full node wallet, most reliable transaction times during high blockchain load.


Power web wallet with NFT previews.


Lightweight browser extension with NFT previews.


Lightweight website wallet.


Browser extension & mobile app. Slowest transactions.


Seeds can be restored cross-wallet. You can even run two wallets at the same time with the same seed. For example, you could restore your Yoroi wallet into both Daedalus and CCVault, and use Daedalus for minting, and CCVault for day to day use.

Nami wallets work a bit differently however, and are not smoothly interchangeable like this.

What does my Hopper do?

We have a number of plans and ideas to make holding your Happy Hopper even more exciting, including multiple kinds of transformative utility!

Why hold a Hopper? (Roadmap?)

For the community! We are building a collection of owners that are true lovers of CNFTs! We hope fans of Happy Hoppers, from new holders to whales, will come together as friends to learn together and share our favorite projects.

Additionally, there will be community events available only to holders. Check the roadmap on the about page for more info.

How did Hoppers come to be?

In late August, OutOfTheWorld and Jub discussed their dream NFT. Naturally, oodon’s name came up, as both are huge fans of his work. A few days later, oodon was on board!

A firm plan of action was formed, and pastaplease was contacted due to his experience and the team’s affinity for DexoWorlds.

Next a website was needed, and for that TelFiRE was chosen, having created the websites for Wizard Crypt and Horror Punks.

All of us have been in the CNFT space since early 2021. For more information about the team, check the team section on the about page and/or this tweet thread.

Who holds my Hopper’s copyright?

You do! Maybe you want to create a T-shirt, Mug, etc, creating a new piece of work, featuring your Hopper, no problem. You can do all these things and more, as long as you are holding the Happy Hoppers Club NFT.

You can not sublicense your license to third parties. You can transfer your license by selling your Hopper. The new holder will then be the license holder.

Happy Hoppers Club fully supports Commission-based Derivative Works i.e. an artist to create a new piece of work, featuring your Hopper that you personally request/pay to be created.

Are royalties charged on resale?

If you are using a marketplace that supports the proposed Cardano 777 royalties standard, we will collect 3% of the resale price. 50% of the royalties go into a fund to provide future utility to holders. The other 50% is used to support future development.

The royalties are only applied to the main collection policy ID. The promotional NFTs on our secondary policy are not subject to royalties.

Why are Hoppers on Cardano?

The Cardano Blockchain offers incredibly low cost minting and transaction fees, and most importantly, a fantastic community.

Additionally, the whole team firmly believes in the long term vision of Cardano.

What are Swanky Swimmers (tadpoles)?

Swanky Swimmers are the cute baby Hoppers born at Lake Cardano.

There are 1,111 tadpole NFTs of 11 different skins. They were exclusively available as a gift for our earliest Discord community members in the days leading up to our Happy Hoppers drop.

What is a CNFT?

A CNFT is an NFT on the Cardano blockchain.

NFT stands for non-fungible token, which is a type of cryptocurrency asset with only one supply. Standard, or “fungible” tokens have two or more supply, and are all interchangeable with each other. On the other hand, an NFT is completely unique, and not interchangeable with any other asset.

NFTs function as digital collectibles, but with a lot more possibilities. It’s possible to verify ownership of an NFT, and this opens up a host of possible benefits to holders.

A standard skin Happy Hoppers Club frog